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Tennis Athlete Claims Assault Allegations are Falsified

Neca Dorokashvili has falsified claims regarding her former husband. Allegations remark that the wife of Nikoloz Basilashvili, the 27th Highest Ranked ATP Professional, was physically assaulted during their marriage. It prompted Nikoloz to be charged with Domestic Abuse by the Prosecutor’s Office of George. They demanded bail listed at $31,300.00 and reminded Basilashvili that he’d have to attend court by July 16th. It should be mentioned that Neca Dorokashvili charged her husband before Georgian Law Enforcement conducted their formal investigation. After court dates were officially released, a study was prompted.

Nikoloz Basilashvili released a formal statement regarding this matter through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The sentiments weren’t remarked directly from Nikoloz, as comments were read through his lawyers. Legal council for this ATP Professional mentioned that these claims are unsubstantiated, falsified, and unfounded based on no evidence. A detailed examination of this couple’s divorce in 2019 reveals that Neca Dorokashvili didn’t receive financial freedom from the courts. Some speculate that these falsified claims are meant to initiate a lawsuit that can garner additional finances.

Lawyers revealed that video evidence released to the Georgian Courts didn’t verify the allegations mattered by Neca Dorokashvili. His legal counsel firmly expects that all charges will be dropped, with court officials having no choice but to abide by formal legislation. Those investigating the evidence released to the Georgian Courts will be disappointed, with Georgia maintaining a system that favours woman over men. This is common worldwide & based on an outdated ideology.

Evidence Favouring Nikoloz Basilashvili

Nikoloz Basilashvili’s Legal Council remarked that those close with this couple during their messages had provided the courts with Texting Transcripts, Video Records, and Photographic Evidence. All information handed over favour Nikoloz Basilashvili over Neca Dorokashvili. Clarifying the history of this relationship through the media, Neca was always considered a swan song for the Georgian people.

It prompted insiders within the Georgian media to purposely create a false image of Nikoloz Basilashvili, which saw the overwhelming majority favour this young woman over one of their most notable athletes. What Nikoloz Basilashvili will do after this investigation is resolved is unknown, with most expecting that he’ll fight for full custody of their child & cut all contact with Neca Dorokashvili off.

Federer Ranked Highest-Paid Athlete of 2020

Most sports analysts wouldn’t have anticipated that Roger Federer, the most notable tennis athlete worldwide, would become the highest-paid athlete in 2020. That’s precisely what’s happened though with the recent publication of “Forbes Highest Paid Athletes Worldwide”. This marks the 1st time that a tennis professional has acquired 1st place on this ranked system, with Federer earning $106.3 Million in May 2019.

Roger Federer was previously ranked 5th in the 2019 Edition of Forbes list, which was already the most critical position a tennis athlete had acquired. Lucrative sponsorship deals increased through 2020, with his appearance fees growing by $100 million. Roger Federer is now the 2nd athlete to accomplish the task of achieving these appearance fees, with Tiger Woods being the 1st. Federer represents multiple brands throughout the European Union, where his popularity is most influential. Those include Credit Suisse, Wilson, Rolex, and Mercedes Benz.

The Senior Editor of Forbes Magazine provided his thoughts on why Roger Federer defeated notable footballers like Ronaldo & Messi. Kurt Baden noted that the COVID-19 pandemic prompted reduced salaries for these famous athletes, with similar measures not imposed onto Roger Federer. That’s because tennis professionals represent themselves exclusively, similarly to how golfers like Tiger Woods are singular entities in their sport. This enables for dictated finances to be dependent on their delegations. Kurt Baden revealed that Federer would forever be remembered by his endorsement portfolio, an aspect that defines the careers of notable legends.

Additional Rankings for Tennis Pros

Roger Federer previously almost acquired 1st place on the Forbes Ranking System. He was positioned in 2nd during 2019, which is still considerably higher than opposing tennis players. When looking towards the positioned ranking acquired by Novak Djokovic, he was rated at twenty-three. Rafael Nadal stood four positions lower at 27, with Kei Nishikori following the tennis pros by ranking 40th. It should be noted that all these athletes earn 50% less than the appearance fees obtained by Federer. Novak maintains a 2019-20 salary of $44.6 million.

It should be mentioned that Roger Federer has donated a large percentage of his recently acquired wealth to COVID-19 relief aid. This tennis professional has taken a philanthropist approach towards his funds, ensuring that his wealth benefits thousands & not exclusively himself.


Federer Won’t Play Empty Stadiums.

Professional Tennis isn’t likely to resume for a prolonged period. Multiple athletes connected to the Association of Tennis Professionals have expressed their concerns towards extended delays. This follows after the COVID-19 pandemic has begun entering its 2nd wave worldwide, which will prompt a significant degree of deaths. Individuals like Roger Federer isn’t willing to engage with professional tennis until the pandemic is concluded. Afterwards, he demands that fans be permitted to attend matches. That’s because Federer is concerned that the lack of live supporters will destroy the livelihood of tennis.

Roger Federer was questioned by online reporters on the potential of the ATP Tour resuming. All sports leagues have received this question after the German Bundesliga League restarted their operations. It prompted Spain’s La Liga to implement similar measures for June 12th, where is when supporters of Barcelona FC can see Lionel Messi compete against since March.

All sporting leagues entered a hiatus period during Mid-March, which is when the novel coronavirus infected nations worldwide after being an exclusive virus to China for weeks. Roger Federer welcomed the concept of a hiatus period, which followed after the Tennis Champion was informed; he had to recuperate from knee surgery for months. He would’ve lost essential points in the 2020 Championship if it wasn’t for this hiatus period. Some sports analysts question Federer’s motives, with there being the minor chance that Roger isn’t supporting the resumption of professional tennis for an increased healing period. The longer Federer can heal, the better chance he has at defeating Nadal this year.

Benefits for Federer

Roger Federer is infamously one of the most legendary Tennis athletes in history. He’s won more championships than the average competitor, prompting him to win countless trophies. It’s been noted that Federer has resumed his training for the 2020 season. It suits the former champion to remain in isolation training for a prolonged period. By holding off, Federer gains a unique advantage that most who receive injuries don’t. More information regarding Roger’s insight into the inevitable return of professional tennis will be seen through his social media accounts, like Instagram and Twitter.


Tennis Postponement Extended Past July 2020

The 2020 Tennis Calendar is dwindling with each passing week, with venue after venue confirming that their events have been terminated. The number of cancelled events exceeds forty, with all cancellations following after the COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted extensive damage. Additional tournaments were cancelled, with the Association of Tennis Professionals and Women’s Tennis Association both confirming that there won’t be any planned matches until July or August. Conflictions on when the season will resume have occurred, with the WTA believing a July restart is possible. The ATP doesn’t see regulated tennis being planned until August.

Another notable cancellation for the tennis community this year was “The International Tennis Hall of Fame”, who confirmed that this year’s introduction ceremony had been postponed until 2021. That means that Goran Ivanisevic & Conchita Martinez won’t be inducted into the HOF for another twelve months or longer. Organizers didn’t provide details on when the new ceremony will be hosted.

The International Tennis Federation also shocked loyal supporters, announcing that all planned matches and tournaments are cancelled until July 2020. This extends towards Disabled, Junior, and Senior Leagues. Updates on when this seasonal postponed will be lifted are expected to come by June 15th. That’s when official dates for the ITF 2020 Season will be revealed.

Previous Postponement

Tennis Professionals had begun hunkering down for the long haul when it was announced on April 1st that all tours were postponed until July 13th. The International Tennis Federation and Women’s Tennis Association are still abiding by that preplanned schedule. The Association of Tennis Professionals is the exclusive international league that’s considering a longer postponement. Their medical experts have informed them of outbreaks can still occur for prolonged periods, that is until a vaccine is released internationally.

Recent cancellations under the updated postponement period include the 2020 French Open, 2020 United States Open, and Wimbledon. Both the French & US Open are considering rescheduling their venues for August 30th to 31st. We’ll provide our readers with updates regarding this situation. Regardless of what happens with the 2020 Tennis Schedule, spectators won’t be permitted, and social distancing measures will be forced.

Financial Aid Provided to Canadian Tennis Pros

The National Bank of Canada announced that they’d provide their tennis professionals with cash grants, ensuring they’re protected throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This included 23 individuals that are registered through Tennis Canada, the governing body that’s responsible for the Association of Tennis Professionals and Woman’s Tennis Association. These Canadian Pros have faced significant financial pressure by being unable to compete in their respective tournaments.

Tennis Canada & the National Bank collectively announced that up to $20,000 would be awarded to these professionals. The amount granted to these individuals will depend on their level in the WTA or ATP, with lower-ranking professionals making considerably less than their champion counterparts. This announcement follows after all other professional athletes in Canada were awarded grants through their sporting associations, including players in the NHL and MLS.

The tennis professionals in Canada aren’t considered the most influential, with their recognizable star athlete being Bianca Andreescu. The average tennis pro in Canada is ranked from 10th to 750th in Single Competitions, while competitions in the Doubles Tournaments are listed in the top 100. It should be noted that Bianca Andreescu is the highest-rated Canadian tennis pro, at the 10th highest valued WTA competitor.

Additional recipients of this grant will include Leylah Annie Fernandez, Sharon Fichman, Brayden Schur, Peter Polansky and Rebecca Marino. These individuals haven’t been permitted to compete since all tennis professionals were informed the WTA & ATP Seasons had been terminated internationally, with the cancellation taking effect in Mid March. It’s been confirmed that these competitors won’t be permitted to play until August 1st, with a specific exception being made to the “Rogers Cup – Men’s Tournament” in Toronto, Ontario.

Leylah Fernandez Selected

Few tennis professionals from Canada have made public remarks regarding their grant. Leylah Annie Fernandez provided her insight, noting that these finances won’t exclusively assist with her day-to-day living standards but will also guarantee her training doesn’t end. That means Leylah can continue to represent the Canadian Sports Community to the best of her abilities. Some disputed these claims, as Fernandez is located in Florida, Boynton Beach. This location wasn’t by choice for Leylah Annie Fernandez. She was slated to compete in the state when COVID-19 broke out in America, being unable to return home, Leylah has remained indoors at her training facility.


French Open COVID-19 Protocols Updated

Organizers behind the French Open have provided supporters with updated insights into their future proceedings. This Tennis Tournament was slated to begin in May 2020, with postponements being enforced following the COVID-19 Pandemic outbreaking in France. This forced organizers to delay the venue until September 2020, with it now being revealed that attendees won’t be permitted at the Clay Court Grand Slam – French Open. It’ll come as a significant loss to profits with supporters not allowed at the September 20th to October 4th tournament. The French Tennis Association isn’t concerned about declining profits, with their worries more on local civilians. It should be mentioned that the FTA will be refunding the cost of tickets, or reimbursing supports with new passes for the 2021 French Open.

The French Tennis Associations President provided formal insight into their strategic plans. He noted that attendees not being permitted doesn’t terminate all finances, with television contractions and partnership agreements still present. This brings millions into the French Open yearly, with Bernard Guidicelli looking into other methods of earning revenue as well. Bernard has felt the requirement to obtain FTA Athletes additional finances, which follows after he was forced to suspend seasonal matches in Early March. The standard French Tennis season isn’t returning until 2021, with specialized tournaments like the Open being permitted under specific conditions.

The French Open isn’t the exclusive tournament that was forced into cancellation this year. Wimbledon was also terminated because of COVID-19, marking the 1st time since WWII that this infamous competition was postponed by 12+ months. After Wimbledon was concluded, the United States Open would also cancel their August dates.

Reassessing the Season Calendar

The French Tennis Association – Operations Division, is working with their respective governing bodies to determine if the 2020 Season Calendar can be revised. The FTA hopes that the season can be resumed, allowing for the well-known French Grand Slam Tournament to move forward in 2020. PR Representatives with the association have mentioned they hope to move forward with the GSA on September 27th. Maintaining all these respective matches is dependent on when the approval of the FTAs governing bodies.

Williams Sisters Competing on Mario Tennis Aces

Athletes with the Women’s Tennis Association announced they’ll be competing in a virtual tournament. This new setting follows after the COVID-19 pandemic has terrorized the global population. Confirmed athletes for this venue includes Naomi Osaka, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, and Maria Sharapova. They’ll compete against celebrity personalities like Steve Aoki, Gigi Hadid, and Karlie Kloss. Pairings will compete on Mario Tennis Aces, a video game for the Nintendo Switch. It’ll be streamed through Facebook Gaming and be named “The Stay at Home Slam”, showing the athletes commitment towards social distancing.

Professional sporting venues worldwide have been terminated or postponed during the novel coronavirus. It’s prompted a significant increase in popularity for eSport Competitions, with professional athletes becoming formidable gamers. Sporting associations like the National Basketball Association, Premier League, Major League Soccer, Formula One, and MotoGP have implemented similar measures. These virtual venues are meant to replace real-life counterparts until the novel coronavirus is defeated globally.

There’s a substantial difference between the virtual venues being held by the MLS or NBA compared to Mario Tennis Aces. Major League Soccer holds their virtual matches through the FIFA20 video game on the PS4 Pro. It supports realistic gameplay and graphics that mimic regular competitions. Mario Tennis Aces is a cartoon-styled title meant for children, with characters nowhere resembling the athletes competing. Rackets aren’t realistic, and neither is the gameplay, involving supporters of international tennis shouldn’t take these pairings seriously. It’s more meant to generate funds for charity than to replace real-life tennis. Whoever wins this pairings contest can select a Non-Profit Charity of their choice, with a donation prize of $1 Million.

Who’s Battling Who

The pairings for this unconventional tournament were released. It’s a combination of WTA Athletes and Celebrity Personalities. Serena Williams will compete against Gigi Hadid, with Naomi Osaka battling it out with Hailey Bieber. The Serena Sisters will battle each other, with Venus taking an additional match against Deandre Hopkins. Steve Aoki is making an appearance, where he’ll serve against Kei Nishikori. Maria Sharapova is entering this competing in defence against Karlie Kloss. The infamous singer Seal is challenging Madison Keys in this Mario Aces competition, with Taylor Fritz and Addison Rae also competing against one another. The final matchup for this tournament is Kevin Anderson and Ryan Tannehill, which will be one of the most-watched of this venue.

The WTA will accept additional donations during this tournament. All donations will be provided to relief funds throughout North America and the European Union. This marks the 1st instance that the Women’s Tennis Association has tried generating funds for COVID-19 relief. Those wanting to help can witness these matches on May 3rd on Facebook Gaming at 4 PM ET.


Social Media Births Rooftop Tennis

Tennis athletes worldwide have been forced indoors under the global social distancing measures, with most nations not expected to lift their restrictions until July 1st or later. It’s prompted multiple athletes to reconsider how they engage with their favourite sport. Two females from Italy showcased their concept of playing tennis during the coronavirus, which became a viral sensation.

These two women were seen playing tennis from the rooftops, using the barrier between the connected buildings as their net. The length of this building enabled these women to social distance from one another. Tennis athletes that saw this viral video immediately enacted similar conditions with local friends & family, where available. It should be noted that most rooftops in North America don’t support the styling of European architecture. Buildings are typically split from one another and roofs are often angled. Unless living in an apartment complex, North America tennis athletes will find it challenging to engage with this method.

Thousands worldwide have posted videos of them playing tennis on their rooftops, still using the concrete barrier between the connected buildings as a net. Considering that summer is shortly arriving, and weather conditions are improving, it’s the perfect time to implement this scenario.

When Will Tennis Resume?

The Association of Tennis Professionals and Women’s Tennis Association haven’t provided concrete answers to when international venues will resume. Information regarding the novel coronavirus is continuously changing, with updates forcing WTA and ATP Executives to keep their strategies private.

One strategy was leaked to international reporters, which revealed that attendees wouldn’t be permitted at these ATP or WTA venues for the first matches. Depending on the conditional factors of COVID-19 throughout the summer months, attendees could be allowed again. Another strategy suggests that the Association of Tennis Professionals engage specialized sanitary methods, ensuring anybody entering or leaving the facility will be tested for the novel coronavirus.

The second strategy is unlikely, with testing kits throughout North America and the European Union being limited to medical personnel. This follows after nations worldwide purchased an influx of testing kits for the novel coronavirus, which prompted an international shortage afterwards.


Tennis Organizers Ignore Tour Suspensions

Tours for international tennis have been suspended amongst the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. However, there are now independent organizers that are ignoring the recommendations of the World Health Organization and Centre of Disease Control. Obtained data revealed that international tours would be played throughout Germany in the Rhineland-Palatinate Province, which borders multiple European nations like France and Belgium. The Telegraph rumours that thirty-two matches will be played throughout four days. It follows after German authorities confirmed that the lockdown period would be lifted by May 1st. Safety protocols for this independent tour will be required, somewhat ensuring the protection of athletes and coaching staff. It’s expected that attendees won’t be permitted and that these will be televised events exclusively.

Individual players have been confirmed for these independent tours, including Germany’s Yannick Hanfmann and Dustin Brown. There’ll be a maximum of 100 players supported throughout this series, with them demanding the limitations of spectators. Confirmed broadcasters for this tour includes PlaySight and SkySports, meaning that online betting will be permitted. This was possible after receiving permission from the Tennis Integrity Unit, which governs specific tours throughout the European Union.

The Tennis Integrity Unit revealed the details behind this proposal. Agents with this governing association expressed that multiple organizers introduced this proposal, proposing various strategies to experience international tours throughout this unprecedented period. TIU Agents reviewed these various strategies and determined which protocols will best suit players. These plans were encouraged to be discussed with athletes, ensuring their approval as well. Everyone collectively agreed and are now moving forward. However, this can prompt potential fines from the World Health Organization, who still have social distancing measures implemented throughout the European Union.

Additional Tours

The Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, which is established in France, confirmed that they’d be holding the “Ultimate Tennis Showdown”. Created by Serena Williams head coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, this series will begin on May 16th. Multiple athletes confirmed their appearance at the UTS Venue, which included Alexei Popyrin and David Goffin. French tennis fans hope that athletes like Novak Djokovic or Nadal Rafael will compete in this competition. It’s expected that ten matches will be held weekly, with broadcasts being supported online. Attendees won’t be permitted, and minimal staff will be employed. These conditions will hopefully ensure the safety of ATP & WTA athletes.

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French Tennis Athletes Provided Financial Relief

The Coronavirus Pandemic has forced governments worldwide to implement financial relief, with this extending towards multiple sporting associations. The latest association to confirm their relief aid for athletes is the French Federation. They confirmed that €35 Million would be provided towards individuals within the professional tennis community. It follows after international tennis venues were postponed until July 15th, with cancellations of significant events following. Instead of Wimbledon being played from May 24th to June 7th, it’s been reformatted for September 20th to October 4th.

One of the most influential sports throughout France is tennis, with its community dominating over the European Union. There’s an additional relief fund available to professional athletes through the ATP & WTA, which is worth €70 Million. Most of those funds were provided to France, ensuring that their community is protected during this unprecedented period.

Financial severe difficulties have strained athletes in the Tennis community, with requirements to ensure their safety during this health crisis becoming mandatory. Affiliated clubs with the Association of Tennis Professional or French Professionals will receive an unknown valuation of relief funds. This will extend towards coaching staff, international officials and FFT organizers.

Coronavirus in France

The COVID-19 Pandemic throughout France has become detrimental, resembling the black plague from old. More than 10+ thousand deaths have followed for civilians acquiring the coronavirus infection. They now stand as the 4th highest nation with confirmed deaths, exceeding the volume that was seen throughout Italy and Spain. Fatalities in France are expected to rise drastically throughout the next two weeks. Just like the United States of America, their 1st wave won’t finish until summer. Because of the volume of fatalities, a 2nd and 3rd wave will unfold before a vaccine is provided to the civilians of France.

It’s expected that after the vaccine is created and distributed worldwide, civil unrest throughout France will resume. Significant protests and riots could see substantial damage in the country. It wouldn’t be the 1st time that France citizens had proven themselves ignorant when their government-assisted them. It also won’t be the last time, with France being historically built on civil unrest. COVID-19 will restart what history has already shown us.

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