Bianca Andreescu Not Competing in 2020

The Women’s Tennis Association was shocked to learn that one of their leading athletes won’t participate for the remainder of 2020. Bianca Andreescu confirmed that she’d remove herself from the 2020 WTA Season to revitalize her training & ensure that injuries heal without permanent damage. Bianca is a rising athlete in the Women’s Tennis Association, being the fastest-growing Canadian WTA player in decades. Andreescu suffered a significant knee injury last year & forced the female athlete to postpone her career. Just before Bianca’s return, the COVID-19 pandemic became an international crisis.

Bianca Andreescu announced via her Twitter handle, with the young woman clarifying that she’ll continue her training back at her hometown in Mississauga. This is one of the highest-condensed & populated areas within Ontario, Canada’s largest province for population per capita. Competing in Mississauga in-comparison to outstanding facilities in Europe could place Bianca Andreescu at a disadvantage. Ontario isn’t known for professional tennis athletes, with the province more focused on hockey & soccer. It means the facilities available to Bianca are minimal.

Andreescu held her head high, reflecting that the decision to remove her contention from 2020 wasn’t easily made but that there’s plenty to look forward to for 2021. Bianca Andreescu has guaranteed placement into the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics, which she plans to win gold for Canada. Bianca will focus her skillsets over the coming ten-months & try to regain the composure that enabled Andreescu to defeat Serena Williams.

When Will Bianca Come Back?

Supporters of Bianca Andreescu didn’t see the Canadian WTA athlete compete throughout 2020. Late into 2019, the Canadian faced a horrific knee injury that didn’t heal properly. Her healing time has been considerably longer than average, prompting Bianca Andreescu to miss the French Open & US Open. Bianca also missed the Rome Masters but will inevitably return to mark another victory. Defeating Serena Williams at 19 is an unbelieve accomplishment that evokes the strongest of skillsets, which Bianca Andreescu has.

We’ll provide our readers on when Bianca Andreescu could return to WTA contention. She’ll likely resume her placement by the 2021 Australian Open, under the condition that wildfires aren’t engulfing the Region of Sydney like last year.