Federer Ranked Highest-Paid Athlete of 2020

Most sports analysts wouldn’t have anticipated that Roger Federer, the most notable tennis athlete worldwide, would become the highest-paid athlete in 2020. That’s precisely what’s happened though with the recent publication of “Forbes Highest Paid Athletes Worldwide”. This marks the 1st time that a tennis professional has acquired 1st place on this ranked system, with Federer earning $106.3 Million in May 2019.

Roger Federer was previously ranked 5th in the 2019 Edition of Forbes list, which was already the most critical position a tennis athlete had acquired. Lucrative sponsorship deals increased through 2020, with his appearance fees growing by $100 million. Roger Federer is now the 2nd athlete to accomplish the task of achieving these appearance fees, with Tiger Woods being the 1st. Federer represents multiple brands throughout the European Union, where his popularity is most influential. Those include Credit Suisse, Wilson, Rolex, and Mercedes Benz.

The Senior Editor of Forbes Magazine provided his thoughts on why Roger Federer defeated notable footballers like Ronaldo & Messi. Kurt Baden noted that the COVID-19 pandemic prompted reduced salaries for these famous athletes, with similar measures not imposed onto Roger Federer. That’s because tennis professionals represent themselves exclusively, similarly to how golfers like Tiger Woods are singular entities in their sport. This enables for dictated finances to be dependent on their delegations. Kurt Baden revealed that Federer would forever be remembered by his endorsement portfolio, an aspect that defines the careers of notable legends.

Additional Rankings for Tennis Pros

Roger Federer previously almost acquired 1st place on the Forbes Ranking System. He was positioned in 2nd during 2019, which is still considerably higher than opposing tennis players. When looking towards the positioned ranking acquired by Novak Djokovic, he was rated at twenty-three. Rafael Nadal stood four positions lower at 27, with Kei Nishikori following the tennis pros by ranking 40th. It should be noted that all these athletes earn 50% less than the appearance fees obtained by Federer. Novak maintains a 2019-20 salary of $44.6 million.

It should be mentioned that Roger Federer has donated a large percentage of his recently acquired wealth to COVID-19 relief aid. This tennis professional has taken a philanthropist approach towards his funds, ensuring that his wealth benefits thousands & not exclusively himself.