Federer Unsure of 2021 Return

The 2021 Australian Open is arriving later than anticipated, with a formal announcement issued earlier this month. Organizers issued press releases that noted scheduling of the 2021 Australian Open would be delayed by three weeks, marking its new opening match date as February 6th. Immediate speculation began on the possibility of Roger Federer returning under this timeframe, with the 6-Time champion confirming he’ll not likely make a formal appearance. That’s because Federer has actively worked towards avoiding the coronavirus, something which this champion accomplished throughout 2020. It’s unlikely that Federer would risk infection for the possibility of becoming a 7-Time Champion.

Roger Federer hasn’t competed in the “Association of Tennis Professionals” since January 30th, 2020. That’s when the coronavirus first became known to the world, with information being released which indicated China had entered an outbreak scenario. That outbreak would quickly exceed their borders & become an international pandemic. Millions have died, with millions more being infected and left with respiratory problems. Federer will guarantee his long-term career by avoiding the virus & possibility of receiving respiratory issues.

An official statement issued by Roger Federer noted that he’d hoped Covid-19 would have ended by February 6th. He’d mention that it’s his believe the pandemic won’t end until summer of next year, potentially later. This means Federer is waiting until competitors & ATP personnel are guaranteed to have received vaccination. Federer refuses to battle against anyone unvaccinated, meaning Novak Djokovic & Roger Federer might never compete again. Djokovic is an Anti-Vaxxer.

Quarantine Not Viable

Competing requirements for individuals signing on with 2021s Australian Open were issued. Details emphasis that competing players must arrive between January 15th to 17th, with fourteen days of quarantine required before clearance is awarded. That’ll be another likely attribute that Federer wants to avoid when playing in 2021. Standard quarters, training opportunities, and sanitary methods are required for the 6-Time champion. It should be noted that there’s the possibility 2021s Australian Open could be terminated.

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