Federer Won’t Play Empty Stadiums.

Professional Tennis isn’t likely to resume for a prolonged period. Multiple athletes connected to the Association of Tennis Professionals have expressed their concerns towards extended delays. This follows after the COVID-19 pandemic has begun entering its 2nd wave worldwide, which will prompt a significant degree of deaths. Individuals like Roger Federer isn’t willing to engage with professional tennis until the pandemic is concluded. Afterwards, he demands that fans be permitted to attend matches. That’s because Federer is concerned that the lack of live supporters will destroy the livelihood of tennis.

Roger Federer was questioned by online reporters on the potential of the ATP Tour resuming. All sports leagues have received this question after the German Bundesliga League restarted their operations. It prompted Spain’s La Liga to implement similar measures for June 12th, where is when supporters of Barcelona FC can see Lionel Messi compete against since March.

All sporting leagues entered a hiatus period during Mid-March, which is when the novel coronavirus infected nations worldwide after being an exclusive virus to China for weeks. Roger Federer welcomed the concept of a hiatus period, which followed after the Tennis Champion was informed; he had to recuperate from knee surgery for months. He would’ve lost essential points in the 2020 Championship if it wasn’t for this hiatus period. Some sports analysts question Federer’s motives, with there being the minor chance that Roger isn’t supporting the resumption of professional tennis for an increased healing period. The longer Federer can heal, the better chance he has at defeating Nadal this year.

Benefits for Federer

Roger Federer is infamously one of the most legendary Tennis athletes in history. He’s won more championships than the average competitor, prompting him to win countless trophies. It’s been noted that Federer has resumed his training for the 2020 season. It suits the former champion to remain in isolation training for a prolonged period. By holding off, Federer gains a unique advantage that most who receive injuries don’t. More information regarding Roger’s insight into the inevitable return of professional tennis will be seen through his social media accounts, like Instagram and Twitter.