Financial Aid Provided to Canadian Tennis Pros

The National Bank of Canada announced that they’d provide their tennis professionals with cash grants, ensuring they’re protected throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This included 23 individuals that are registered through Tennis Canada, the governing body that’s responsible for the Association of Tennis Professionals and Woman’s Tennis Association. These Canadian Pros have faced significant financial pressure by being unable to compete in their respective tournaments.

Tennis Canada & the National Bank collectively announced that up to $20,000 would be awarded to these professionals. The amount granted to these individuals will depend on their level in the WTA or ATP, with lower-ranking professionals making considerably less than their champion counterparts. This announcement follows after all other professional athletes in Canada were awarded grants through their sporting associations, including players in the NHL and MLS.

The tennis professionals in Canada aren’t considered the most influential, with their recognizable star athlete being Bianca Andreescu. The average tennis pro in Canada is ranked from 10th to 750th in Single Competitions, while competitions in the Doubles Tournaments are listed in the top 100. It should be noted that Bianca Andreescu is the highest-rated Canadian tennis pro, at the 10th highest valued WTA competitor.

Additional recipients of this grant will include Leylah Annie Fernandez, Sharon Fichman, Brayden Schur, Peter Polansky and Rebecca Marino. These individuals haven’t been permitted to compete since all tennis professionals were informed the WTA & ATP Seasons had been terminated internationally, with the cancellation taking effect in Mid March. It’s been confirmed that these competitors won’t be permitted to play until August 1st, with a specific exception being made to the “Rogers Cup – Men’s Tournament” in Toronto, Ontario.

Leylah Fernandez Selected

Few tennis professionals from Canada have made public remarks regarding their grant. Leylah Annie Fernandez provided her insight, noting that these finances won’t exclusively assist with her day-to-day living standards but will also guarantee her training doesn’t end. That means Leylah can continue to represent the Canadian Sports Community to the best of her abilities. Some disputed these claims, as Fernandez is located in Florida, Boynton Beach. This location wasn’t by choice for Leylah Annie Fernandez. She was slated to compete in the state when COVID-19 broke out in America, being unable to return home, Leylah has remained indoors at her training facility.