First ATP Title for John Millman

The Association of Tennis Professionals can add an additional member to their list title-winning players. The Astana Open on November 1st saw John Millman acquire his first ATP title victory. Fierce opposition was showcased by the Australian against his French opponent, Adrian Mannarino. It was anticipated that Mannarino would obtain victory over John Millman. Audiences & commentators were shocked when John Millman sustained 7-5 to 6-1 victory over Mannarino.

It’s a prominent victory for John Millman, which guarantees his sustainability throughout the Association of Tennis Professionals for an additional season. ATP Supporters familiar with John Millman haven’t seen him compete since the 2019 Tokyo Open, where he’d lose for the 2nd time. Third time would mark the charm for Millman & see his victory at the 2020 Astana Open.

John Millman & Adrian Mannarino have met previously on two occasions, previously competing before entering the ATP Tour. Prior matches saw Millman stand victorious, pegging the question why bookies were expecting Mannarino to win. John Millman now stands at 45th in the ATP Standings, with two men slated to meet again in several days during the 2020 Paris Masters.

Adrian Mannarino could retire if he fails

It’s expected that Adrian Mannarino will be forced to retire from the ATP Tour if losing to John Millman for a 4th time during the Paris Masters. It marks his 10th consecutive loss during an ATP Open, with his single moment of success residing during the 2019 S-Hertogenbosch Open in the Netherlands.

When questioned regarding his first victory in the ATP Tour, John Millman mentioned that it feels incredible & relieving to have the satisfaction of winning. The Australian noted that winning a Pro Open is challenging for anyone, which was proven with Novak Djokovic being unable to sustain victory over the Astana Open. John Millman clarified his victory was thanks to the comfortability he felt. Millman said that previously throughout his career, that comfortability was never experienced before & will look to regain that comfort in future matches.

Novak Djokovic lost against Lorenzo Sonego is influential for the #1 ATP Player. Continued losses against lower-ranking members of the ATP Tour will prompt Djokovic to get ranked 2nd or 3rd in the standings. Considering that Novak is looking to acquire #1 for the 6th time in his career, losing against Lorenzo is a notable step backwards.

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