French Open COVID-19 Protocols Updated

Organizers behind the French Open have provided supporters with updated insights into their future proceedings. This Tennis Tournament was slated to begin in May 2020, with postponements being enforced following the COVID-19 Pandemic outbreaking in France. This forced organizers to delay the venue until September 2020, with it now being revealed that attendees won’t be permitted at the Clay Court Grand Slam – French Open. It’ll come as a significant loss to profits with supporters not allowed at the September 20th to October 4th tournament. The French Tennis Association isn’t concerned about declining profits, with their worries more on local civilians. It should be mentioned that the FTA will be refunding the cost of tickets, or reimbursing supports with new passes for the 2021 French Open.

The French Tennis Associations President provided formal insight into their strategic plans. He noted that attendees not being permitted doesn’t terminate all finances, with television contractions and partnership agreements still present. This brings millions into the French Open yearly, with Bernard Guidicelli looking into other methods of earning revenue as well. Bernard has felt the requirement to obtain FTA Athletes additional finances, which follows after he was forced to suspend seasonal matches in Early March. The standard French Tennis season isn’t returning until 2021, with specialized tournaments like the Open being permitted under specific conditions.

The French Open isn’t the exclusive tournament that was forced into cancellation this year. Wimbledon was also terminated because of COVID-19, marking the 1st time since WWII that this infamous competition was postponed by 12+ months. After Wimbledon was concluded, the United States Open would also cancel their August dates.

Reassessing the Season Calendar

The French Tennis Association – Operations Division, is working with their respective governing bodies to determine if the 2020 Season Calendar can be revised. The FTA hopes that the season can be resumed, allowing for the well-known French Grand Slam Tournament to move forward in 2020. PR Representatives with the association have mentioned they hope to move forward with the GSA on September 27th. Maintaining all these respective matches is dependent on when the approval of the FTAs governing bodies.