Medvedev Concerned About 2021 Australian Open

Discussions regarding the 2021 Grand Slam venue in Australia is becoming a prominent issue throughout international tennis communities. Similar to notable events in 2020, specific athletes are refusing to compete amid the Covid-19 pandemic & others are excited for the possibility of becoming a Grand Slam winner. One individual could have changed the course of Covid requires for the 2021 Australian Open, with Daniil Medvedev indicating that unless measures are improving, he won’t be competing.

It was announced by Medvedev that his health & survival from Covid-19 is more important than winning his debut Grand Slam, that patience will benefit him in this situation. Most athletes in the ATP & WTA Tours have become concerned for Covid-19 after multiple events in 2020 saw confirmed infections of the virus. Stronger enforcement of social distancing is required to guarantee that outbreaks aren’t sustained, which Medvedev believes is an absolute.

Daniil Medvedev has become the latest “ATP Finals Champion” for 2020, which marks his first influential victory in the Association of Tennis Professionals this year. January 1st will mark the first date that players are permitted to enter Australian, meaning less than two months from today. Most aren’t willing to traverse the region after Covid-19 cases in Australia have increased exponentially. The ATP tour isn’t the only organization hesitant towards travelling in Australia, with Formula One also considering postponing the Australian Grand Prix in February.

Few Measures for Safety

It should be clarified that few Covid-19 requirements have been enlisted by the Australian Open Association, with social distancing not required & facemasks optional. When considering those factors, it’s easy to understand why players like Daniil Medvedev want to avoid the Australian Open like a literal plague. Furthermore, contracting the virus would mean an immediate cancellation of contention in the Australian Open. Fourteen days of quarantine will be required for anyone confirmed with a positive Covid infection.

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