Serena Williams Laughs at Lewis Hamilton

Two athletic personalities from the “Women’s Tennis Association” have expressed their hysterics towards Lewis Hamilton, a prominent driver from Formula One. Lewis Hamilton posted videos of himself & his father competing in tennis, with the F1 driver losing to his ageing dad. Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka took joy watching an older man dominate over his younger son, with both mentioning that Lewis needs to train more with other sports.

Lewis Hamilton needs nothing to prove amongst the sporting community, with his namesake famous worldwide & prominent throughout the European Union. Hamilton is considered the greatest driver in Formula One history statistically, defeating the previous titleholder of Michael Schumacher. Lewis Hamilton has acquired the F1 Drivers Championship several times, with 96 Grand Prix victories sustained in his career.

BLM Movement

Lewis Hamilton is Formula One’s most influential driver in history but fails in-comparison when competing in tennis. Serena Williams mentioned that Hamilton wasn’t convincing in the video & expressed she’d died laughing when first witnessing the footage. Williams and Hamilton have been active voices in the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Both athletic personalities pivoted themselves to become ambassadors, requesting that greater emphasis on black athletes be made in their respective sports. Serena Williams would receive prominent support from her community, with Hamilton being shunned by the Formula One paddock. Both will continue fighting to equal opportunity of all races, with Hamilton & Williams experiencing racism at younger ages.

The Post

Instagram was the first social media account that Lewis Hamilton posted the footage, with the description emphasizing his father had finally defeated him in a proper sport. Naomi Osaka commented on the Instagram post, mentioning that Hamilton needs to start training immediately & Williams stated she’d been dying laughing. Lewis would ask both women to train him for future battles against his father, to which both didn’t reply.

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