Sickened Zverev Competes at French Open

The 4th round of ATPs French Open was lost for Alexander Zverev, which follows after the tennis professional showed notable symptoms associated with COVID-19. It’d become revealed after a four-set loss against Jannik Sinner that speculation was correct, and that Alexander Zverev had contracted some illness. Guarantees of which illness that could be hasn’t been revealed. Luckily, Zverev was wearing his facemask throughout the entirety of October 4th.

When questioned by reporters after his loss on videoconference, Alexander Zverev stated he’s become ill & cannot breathe properly. He’d clarify that his temperature is increasing, with his physical state worsening over the match. Zverev admitted that his illness likely implicated any opportunity of winning the game. All sentiments from Alexander were hard to understand, with his voice nearly eliminated & what words hearable, being raspy. Most have suspected that Alexander Zverev has contracted the COVID-19 virus & hasn’t made an official announcement over his positive test.

Officials working for the 2020 French Open confirmed that on October 4th, Alexander Zverev hadn’t revealed his symptoms to on-site medical personnel & lied when questioned if he’d been feeling sick recently. Alexander has continued refusal to provide details over his illness, which on some level proves his positive test of COVID-19. Admittance of having coronavirus could result in the ATP & French Open issuing fines against Alexander Zverev. The tennis pro won’t be permitted to avoid the issue over the coming days.

Upcoming Fines

Demands were issued to Alexander Zverev from the French Tennis Federation & Association of Tennis Professionals. He’s been informed that a rapid coronavirus test must be completed before October 6th. Refusal will see the tennis pro fined with a multitude of charges from both groups. However, Novak Djokovic wasn’t charged by either the FTA or ATP when his Adria Tour caused dozens of coronavirus infections across Europe. Evident biased is being thrown against Alexander Zverev, which lawyers would argue in court.

It appears that when back threw against the wall, this tennis professional doesn’t have the ferocity & confidence needed to admit when mistakes were made. Alexander would rather fight with his opponent’s two hands tied behind his back.