WTA Tour Calendar for 2021 Unveiled

Organizers have released schedules for the initial seven weeks of WTA competitions. Diligent efforts were employed to guarantee that tournaments & classic meets are held without concern for Covid-19. Employees of the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) are mandatory for athletic personnel to compete internationally. Accounting for those individual’s well-being was an essential attribute into seasonal scheduling & planning for 2021. Announcements issued by WTA organizers notified that travel restrictions with mandatory quarantine are being considered, with discussions being sustained daily with international governments.

The first venue that’ll be hosted for WTAs 2021 Tour Calendar will be in Abu Dhabi, with competitive levelling listen in the 500th category. Venue matches will begin on January 5th at “Zayed Sports City International Tennis Centre” and will end on January 13th. It’s a prominent announcement for WTA organizers to confirm their opening round will be hosted in Abu Dhabi. This city has become the world’s sporting capital, with international sports like Formula One & the UFC making Abu Dhabi a prominent part of their yearly schedule. That now extends towards the Women’s Tennis Association.

Scheduling Errors

An unfortunate standard since the Covid-19 pandemic caused global implications to sporting franchises, WTA athletes were informed they’d have to decide between the “Abu Dhabi Season Opener” of the Australian Open, with AO2021 hosting qualifying on January 10th to 13th. Some leeway has been given for athletic personnel, as direct flights from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne are being offered between the 10th to 13th.

Individuals risking themselves on flights from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne are required to receive PCR Covid Tests in both cities, with that being the exclusive permission eliminating a two-week quarantine for athletic personnel. Quarantine isn’t possible with the listed timeframes. It meant receiving specialized travel restrictions from the United Emirates Government. After competing in Melbourne, most WTA athletic personnel will remain in Melbourne until February 21st. That’s because the official Australian Open begins on February 8th, with an additional two “WTA 500 Tournaments” being hosted beforehand on January 31st to February 7th.

When questioned about his excitement for the upcoming season, Women’s Tennis Association CEO & Chairman Steve Simon reflected that it’s just the beginning. Simon mentioned that multiple other venues would be announced before February 21st.

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