2021 Australian Open Being Strategized

Biosecurity is the keyword associated with Australia’s 2021 Open, a tennis tournament that was almost forced into cancellation earlier this year amid the bushfires. Information regarding the safety measures for 2021 was released by Craig Tilley, the Chief Executive Officer of Tennis Australia. He emphasized that organizers & health experts have determined how the venue will unfold in January, noting that reduced seating is being maintained to enforce social distancing.

Players in the Association of Tennis Professionals & Women’s Tennis Association will be forced into a “Biosecurity Bubble”, which means that a small number of personnel can surround that athlete. Craig Tilley clarified that international attendees wouldn’t be permitted in 2021, marking the 1st time in decades that Australia won’t allow worldwide visitors.
March 12th marked the date when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 an international pandemic, more than a month after Sofia Kenin & Novak Djokovic had acquired victory at the 2020 Australia Open. This venue saw crowds of 800+ thousand, with Novak raising the “Men’s Singles Trophy”, and Sofia lifting the “Women’s Singles Trophy”. Fans roared for their victory.

Craig Tilley spoke with the Australian Associated Press, indicating that their decision was made earlier into the week. He clarified that multiple options are being considered but that their primary strategy is near complete. Sentiments from Tilley mentioned that attendance numbers would drop tenfold, noting that 821 Thousand global citizens attended the 2020 Australian Open. Tilley anticipates that 15% of that record-number will be seen for the 2021 tournament, with all in attendance receiving special permission & residing in the borders of Australia.

Is there enough time?

The Australian Open refused the concept of postponing their tournament, being given ample time to determine proper strategies & rulesets that govern over those competing or attending. Craig Tilley suggested similar protocols to the United States Open, which arrives on August 31st and ends on September 13th. It’s known that the US Open will maintain mandatory testing, substantial levels of quarantine, and reduced entourages of five.

Craig Tilley believes that Melbourne will have curbed their spread of COVID-19 by January 2021. Pandemic levels in this region are growing daily throughout July, with the Melbourne region experiencing twenty-one consecutive days of confirmed infections in the triple-digitals.

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