Roger Federer Withdraws from 2021 Australian Open

The 2021 Australian Open is losing a prominent athletic personality from it’s roster. Announcements were issued by Roger Federer that he’s withdrawing his contention from AO2021 while continuing to heal from two consecutive knee operations. Concerns regarding the latest strain of Covid-19 have been remarked by Federer, with the multi-winning champion having stood behind medical personnel & fellow tennis athletes that won’t compete during the pandemic. It’s resulted in financial growth for Federer being eliminated. However, not competing shows resilience that’s been admired. It’s why Roger continually ranks #1 amongst supporters, while his rival is hated for being an Anti-Vaxxer.

Roger Federer plans to resume contention in 2021. However, management companies residing over Grand Slam Events are having to correlate with Federer to guarantee his contention. Roger wants to compete in upwards of ten events in 2021, following with fifteen for the next year. It’d allow the prominent champion to exceed his former record in 2020. Announcing he won’t compete in 2021 marks the end of Roger’s 20-year streak at the Australian Open. Ever since joining the “Association of Tennis Professionals” Federer hasn’t missed an exclusive AO, that was until 2021. From the twenty Australian Open’s that Roger Federer has sustained in two decades, six championship victories were acquired.

Manager Addresses Federer Exit

An official statement regarding his departure was issued by Federer’s manager, who mentioned that Roger cannot compete due to continued healing & regrowth of his fitness capabilities. Confirmations were given that Federer consulted the proper personnel before making his announcement public. Guarantees were provided that Roger would make his formal return to the Australian Open by 2022 & that supports can anticipate Federer back in contention after February. Schedules for his seasonal obligations are being developed now & suspected to be announced in the new year.

Individuals wanting to witness the Australian Open in 2021 will have to want slightly longer than anticipated. The event has been delayed by three weeks following Covid-19 outbreaking throughout Australian. Event obligations will begin on February 8th, 2021.