Serena’s Wealth

Serena Williams is, without any doubt, one of the most famous athletes in the world of tennis. Since she debuted her career, both Serena and sister, Venus, gripped the attention of tennis fans globally. Serena is also not known for only her success in the world of tennis, but too often made the news as an inspirational icon to many women and not only limited to the world of professional sports. Hence being a star in every single sense of the word, her net worth has accumulated to quite an impressive amount.

Serena’s Career

Serena has a long and successful career, which started when she was only 14 years old when she won her first Grand Slam title. Since then she raked in 23 Grand Slam titles in total. Showing the world her real strength when she won the Australian Open while being pregnant. Without a doubt, all this success brought an impressive income over the years, and it is no wonder then that Serena is the highest-paid champion in women’s tennis. The total amount of her income through her successful career, standing on $88.6 million.

The Battle to Equal Pay

Serena has been very vocal for many years already about the enormous pay gender gap, which exists in the world of professional sport. Hence she is also in strong support of the US Women’s Soccer team’s, appeal for equal wages and prize money. This battle to achieve equal pay is not without reason. Already in 2016, it was reported that Serena made a mere $495 000 dollar to defend her title, while $731 000 was earned by her male counterpart at that stage, Roger Federer.

Tennis Is Not Her Sole Income

When someone reaches the level of success and fame, which Serena managed through her successful career, many opportunities unfold which deliver their high financial returns. Serena is also actively involved in the upliftment of women, and she is an ambassador in support of positive body image. This is fitting well with the clothing line which she launched in 2018. The range is described as a unique balance between glamour and comfort and includes sizing up to a 3X. The clothing line is also a reflection of her motherhood and the effect that it had on her life. She is convinced that not only fashion icons can look amazing, and she wants to create a look where even moms can look like fashion icons and still be comfortable in what they wear.

Another additional income to her already healthy bank balance comes from endorsements. Her five-year contract with Nike brought her a profit of $40 million in endorsement fees. All these additions to her financial status contributed to her total net worth of $180 million. This is almost double of that of a sister, Venus who is set at $95 million. Serena Williams is indeed impressive both on and off the court and most definitely too when it comes to financial strength.

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