Protocols for 2021 Australian Open

Tennis tournaments during the Covid-19 pandemic have been uniquely scheduled to account for player safety. Most governing associations are implementing social distancing measures to guarantee infection doesn’t spread. There have been instances where ATP protocols were ignored, like when Novak Djokovic held the Adria Tour. Dozens would become infected & the tournament would become known as a super spreader for tennis. The decision drastically lowered the international popularity of Djokovic, which was dropping already after stating himself an Anti-Vaccinator.

The Association of Tennis Professionals wants to avoid another outbreak, prompting discussions for social distancing measures with the “2021 Australian Open” to begin. Covid continued to spread worldwide though, prompting concerns that local governments might ban the tournament for 2021. It’d follow after the 2020 Australian Open was postponed following country-wide bushfires. ATP community members are beginning to question if the historic locations should be eliminated from yearly schedules. Safety is becoming a concern.

Quarantine Required

Negotiations haven’t accounted for the possibility of an eliminated 2020 Australian Open, with organizers working to develop guidelines that stop the spread of infection. Details regarding those guidelines hadn’t been issued to ATP & WTA athletes until November 14th. It was revealed that both associations would enforce two-weeks of quarantine for all players wanting to compete. This would be a similar level of enforcement seen with the “Melbourne Grand Slam” & typical regulation for sporting institutions wishing to compete in Australia during the Covid pandemic. By guarantying for fourteen days, Australian personnel are ensured that competitor is free of Covid symptoms.

Statements were issued by the Association of Tennis Professionals, which clarified they understand & accept the conditional requirements to maintain an Australian Open in 2021. Players are being contacted regularly to determine where they stand on two-weeks of quarantining. Formidable champions like Serena Williams, Roger Goodell, and Nick Krygios are expected to compete at the 2021 Australian Open.

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